About Nikolaj Sorgenfrei Blom


Quantum biologist and science adventurer Nikolaj Sorgenfrei Blom

Hi! My name is Nikolaj Sorgenfrei Blom and on a hot summer day in 1968, I came into the world. I have always been curious and eager to learn about water, nature and life in general.

You can call me a science adventurer, water bridger (yes, that’s a thing) and quantum biologist. I am currently a senior researcher at Center for Energy Resource Engineering, DTU Chemical Engineering.

A long time ago – which almost feels like a another life – I graduated at the University of Copenhagen and got the fine title cand.scient in biochemistry. I was eager to learn even more, which resulted in my PhD in biotechnology at DTU, that I got a couple of years later. In the following years I primarily worked with bio informatics and DNA sequencing at DTU and Novozymes.

At the moment my main curiosity revolves around understanding life -particularly in relationship to electromagnetic fields, DNA and new properties of water. I am currently establishing a research group around this emerging – and controversial – field, by some called quantum biology or bioresonance. Understanding and exploring a new, quantum coherent phase of water, similar to laser light and graphene, is a cornerstone in this endeavour.

I have been leading several research groups the past 10 years, which have lead me to take several leadership trainings/educations among others the Pathfinder leadership programme.

I have participated in polar expeditions with the project ‘The DNA of the polar oceans’ two times – first time with the Galathea 3 expedition to Greenland and Antarctica and later with the LOMROG II expedition to the North Pole.

Read more on LinkedIn or let’s get in touch and drink a glass of water together.

My email is nikolaj@sorgenfreiblom.dk